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Do Fitness Tracker Sleep Features Help or Hinder?

June 20, 2018

Do you use a fitness tracker to help you keep track of things like your heart rate throughout the day and the number of steps that you take? What about fitness tracker sleep features? Do you use them as well? Have you ever wondered if they help or hinder you and your health? To get […]

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How Sleeping in on Weekends Affects Your Health

March 13, 2018

Do you make it a point to get a few extra hours of shut-eye during the weekend when you don’t have to get up early for school or work? Have you ever wondered about whether or not that is really a good thing or if you should still be getting yourself out of bed early […]

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How Diet Pills for Energy Can Help You Become a Morning Person

May 3, 2017

There are a lot of people who have a lot of trouble getting going in the morning. And, if you are not naturally a morning person, you probably really hate waking up to an alarm at dawn because you prefer staying up late at night. Thankfully, though, there are diet pills for energy that you […]

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The Devastating Effects of Constantly Waking Up at Night

March 10, 2017

Do you find yourself constantly waking up at night, making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep? Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep in the first place, only to toss and turn once you finally do drift off? Or do you fall asleep quickly but wake up again and again? All of […]

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The Importance of Bedtime for Adults

December 6, 2016

You may think that one of the perks of being an adult is the fact that you no longer have a bedtime, but the truth is that bedtime for adults is actually just as important as bedtime for little kids. Continue reading to learn why. There Are Health Problems Associated with Irregular Sleep When you […]

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These Apps Help You Sleep Better at Night

August 15, 2016

These days, there’s an app for everything, so obviously there is one to help you sleep better at night, too. In fact, there isn’t just one, there are many. There are so many that it can be difficult to try to know which one is the best. The good news is that there is such […]

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New Fitbit Sleep Schedule Tools Now Available for Users

July 30, 2016

The new Fitbit Sleep Schedule has now been released among the tools available to users of the top fitness tracker devices in the world. The undisputed leader in health and fitness wearable technology has launched a simple and powerful sleep toolkit. The goal is to help the millions of users worldwide to boost their overall […]

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Why It’s Important to Sleep at Night

June 18, 2016

If someone were to ask you why you want to sleep at night you might think they’re rather foolish in asking something so obvious. The answer is so that you can rest and won’t be tired the next day, right? While that is true, there is actually a great deal more to getting the right […]

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Can You Actually Get Too Much Sleep?

June 3, 2016

When you live a very busy lifestyle, the thought that it could be possible to get too much sleep sounds downright silly. After all, when it comes to being able to get some rest, it can feel as though more is definitely better. While it is true that sleeping well is vital to overall health, […]

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A High-Fat Diet Could Be Making You Sleepy During the Day

May 7, 2016

Stress, a lack of restful sleep and many other factors in your life may be causing you to become sleepy during the day but many people don’t realize that their food choices may also be having a big impact on their energy levels. A recent study has now shown that people who eat a high-fat […]

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