Somnaprin vs. Ambien

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When you’re doing your research regarding which sleep aids are right for you, then you will likely see one major battle occurring on the latest sites on the topic. That battle is Somnaprin vs Ambien. Why? Because these are the leading pills in the nonprescription and prescription sleep aid categories.

The key to identifying which one is right for you in the Somnaprin vs Ambien debate is to know whether you want to take the top nonprescription pill, or the most popular prescription drug for this purpose. The differences between the two are slight, but are also important.

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When you consider Somnaprin vs Ambien in terms of the ways that these two pills are similar, you will come up with the following. Both sleep aids:

  • Help you to fall asleep more quickly and easily at night so that you don’t spend hours on end staring at the bedroom ceiling as you watch the time click forward on your alarm clock
  • Give you a better chance of remaining asleep once you drift off, so that you won’t suffer from broken, poor quality sleep throughout the night
  • Encourage you to develop healthy sleep patterns so that you will be able to “teach” your body to fall asleep more effectively without the use of the pill, so that you can overcome your insomnia without relying on these products.

However, when you look more deeply at the Somnaprin vs Ambien differences, you’ll also find that:

  • Somnaprin can be legally purchased in the United States without a doctor’s permission, whereas you need your physician’s prescription in order to purchase Ambien
  • Somnaprin allows you to wake up in the morning feeling well rested and refreshed, whereas a common side effect of Ambien is a “hangover” feeling that can leave you feeling drowsy and sluggish in the morning and first part of the day after taking the pill
  • Somnaprin does not come with the risk of strong side effects, whereas many people who have taken Ambien have found that the unpleasant side effects that they experienced outweighed the benefits of the pill
  • Somnaprin won’t cause you to become addicted and make you feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it, but many people who have used Ambien have formed dependencies and have had to either suffer those withdrawal symptoms or obtain their doctor’s help to gradually reduce the use of the drug in order to minimize the reaction

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Overall, in the battle between Somnaprin vs Ambien, many people who have used both medications are finding that they like that the nonprescription alternative is effective and yet safer and easier than the prescription drug.

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