Is Your Sleep Deprivation Making Other People Avoid You?


Your Sleep Deprivation Makes People Avoid You

Sleep deprivation is terrible, and it has a host of negative impacts on people’s daily lives.

In addition to making you more reluctant to go to social events, being too tired might even cause other people to avoid you and leave you out, according to Medical News Today.

Keep reading to learn more about the adverse effects of sleep deprivation, and what you can do to combat it.

Being Sleep Deprived Makes You Less Attractive to Others

Experts conducted a study in order to gain more insight into the effects of sleep deprivation. In addition to discovering that people tend to isolate themselves from others more when they have not gotten enough sleep, they also noted that external observers perceived individuals who were sleep deprived differently.

Basically, the researchers recruited more than 1,000 people to participate in this study, but they didn’t tell the people, who would serve as observers, what the goals of the study actually were.

They first had the observers view videos that displayed sleep-deprived individuals, with those people discussing some topics on camera. The observers were then asked to rate the people they saw in the videos. They had to base their ratings on how lonely they perceived those sleep-deprived people to be. Plus, the observers were also asked about whether or not they’d want to meet and interact with the people in the videos.

For the next step in the study, the observers were asked how lonely they felt once they were done watching the videos. After just 1-minute clips, they themselves felt increasingly isolated, which suggested to the experts that loneliness might actually be transferable from one person to another.

Finally, the participants were asked to fill out surveys that assessed their alienation after a night of poor sleep or good sleep. This further confirmed that, if you don’t get enough sleep, you are at a greater risk of feeling unsociable and lonely the following day. But, if you can get one night of good sleep, you’ll be more inclined to head out and be social.

Are You Getting Enough Rest?

This single study revealed a lot about sleep deprivation. People who are sleep-deprived face negative consequences, including feelings of isolation and loneliness. Beyond that, those people become less and less attractive to others who are merely observing them. And, the longer you go without sleep, the worse these effects can get. Yet, it can be undone by getting more rest. So, if you are having trouble getting enough sleep every night, try to figure out what you can do differently to settle in for the night, and consider talking to your doctor if you’ve really been struggling with insomnia.

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