Top Reasons You May Be Sleeping Less Than Before


reasons for sleeping less than before

Have you been experiencing trouble sleeping as of late? Well then, consider yourself among millions of people who suffer from some sort of temporary or permanent insomnia. In today’s busy world, getting enough good sleep is already hard enough, but if you happen to be one of those unfortunate souls who is sleeping less than before, you could be dealing with a much bigger problem than some restless nights. In fact, some experts agree that a person’s sleep patterns are a telltale sign of their overall health.

Stressing Too Much to Sleep

One of the main reasons why some people find themselves sleeping less than before is because they are leading a life that is much too stressful. This issue can be momentary or ongoing, but either way, it can drastically change the way you rest. Too much stress can create sleepless nights and drowsy days, and vice versa. It should be managed as much as possible during the waking hours so that you can get proper rest at night.

The Effects of a Poor Diet

It is true that you are what you eat. Those who are now sleeping less than before should stop for a second and take a look at what they eat during the day, and especially what they snack on right before they go to bed. Having a belly full of junk food or heavy items might cause nighttime indigestion, and doing so for prolonged periods of time can eventually cause metabolic issues and even weight gain.

Obesity and/or Health Concerns

Those who happen to be overweight, especially by a large margin, are encouraged to shed those unwanted pounds because of the negative effect they can have on a person’s ability to get proper sleep. As the weight adds on, the hours of sleep fall off, and then those hefty folks end up sleeping less than before they gained all that weight.


Keep in mind that some of your prescribed medications, and even some that you acquire over-the-counter, can create sleeplessness. Go over any side effects with your doctor prior to taking anything, and if the medication does cause you to be sleeping less than before, then ask your physician about alternatives or countermeasures. Be careful about self-medicating in order to get better rest, as this might end up causing some serious health issues.

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