When Is It Time to See a Sleep Doctor?


when to see a sleep doctor

Sometimes, we have a difficult time falling asleep, despite the fact that our body is aching with fatigue. This condition is normal and may be due to stress or tension. However, if lack of sleep is hampering your daily routine, then it may be time to see a sleep doctor.

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on the mood and health of an individual and can lead to several diseases. Start analyzing your symptoms and try figuring out whether your sleep deprivation is minor or a serious medical condition. These symptoms will further confirm you need to see a sleep doctor to receive proper treatment:

  • Do you feel sleepy during the day?
  • Do you face difficulty while staying awake to read or watch TV?
  • Do you feel tired while driving?
  • Do you face difficulty in focusing and concentrating?
  • Do you normally look tired?
  • Are your reflexes slow?
  • Are you emotional all the time?
  • Do you require a cup of java to help you pass the day?
  • Do you feel the need of taking a nap every day?
  • Are You Experiencing Low energy and motivation level?

Make sure the sleep doctor you are visiting is a qualified healthcare provider. Inquire about the doctor if he is licensed and recognized by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Qualified doctors follow high standards of service and care in the field of sleep medicine. Research how long the doctor has been practicing sleep medicine and how many patients he has treated. Try to get a recommendation from a friend. If you are not comfortable sharing your sleep deprivation issue with a friend, check online reviews and suggestions.

Lack of sleep may also occur due to lifestyle choices. People who travel too much, drink a lot of alcohol, do not exercise, and take stress are far more prone to sleep deprivation than others. Sleep deprivation is a serious problem and cannot be taken lightly. It can results in car accidents, dependency on sleeping pills, and altered performance during the day.

To guarantee peaceful sleep, make sure your room is cool, dark, and comfortable. Maintain a strict sleeping schedule, try not to watch TV before you sleep and keep your gadgets away so you do not waste time in scrolling them. Reduce your caffeine intake and expose yourself to sunlight.
So, keep these pointers in mind to determine if you should see a sleep doctor.

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