Sleep Disorder Signs and Treatments


sleep disorder signs and symptoms

At one time or another everyone has experienced some difficulty sleeping. It is natural and is normally caused by overactive thoughts or an active eating and drinking night. However, for some—a sleep disorder can be on the horizon and there are signs of what makes a disorder more than just a bad patch.

Sleep disorder signs and symptoms:

Sleep disorder signs can come under many guises and may be attributed to many things. Knowing that what you are experiencing is not just a normal bout of bad sleep is helpful to know. There are many ways to treat common sleep disorders that don’t have to make you dopey or overstimulated during the day. A gentle pill such as Somnaprin may be able to help if the condition gets to be a chronic one.

Trouble falling and staying asleep: This is usually a sign of a condition called insomnia. It can be from any number of temporary issues or it can be something more. This is a self-explanatory one because you know if you have issues falling asleep and waking up multiple times in the night. This can be eased by a sleep aid and by stimulating melatonin in the brain by staying off night time caffeine and drinking warm milk or eating any of the foods that contain melatonin like turkey meat.

Sleep apnea: This disorder is heralded by snoring and the cessation of breathing during the night for a moment or two. This can be caused by obesity or a natural obstruction in the throat as well as deviated septum and allergies. The other type of sleep apnea is called “central”. This means the central nervous system-for reasons unknown, does not send the signal to breathe. This is the most dangerous and will require a sleep lab test and a CPAP machine to breath for you at night.

Other sleep disorder signs and symptoms are extreme tiredness and fatigue during the day. There is a feeling that you didn’t sleep at all— as well as irritation and memory issues—in this case, ask your doctor if somnaprin or any form of sleep aid can help. Also look into more aerobic exercise for better circulation of oxygen to the brain. This is one of the causes of sleep disorders and also one of the symptoms of depriving the brain of what it needs to live.

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