Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Advice


Sleep Apnea Symptoms and help

It may be one of the most challenging and misunderstood sleep disorders and that’s why knowing the most common sleep apnea symptoms can be fundamentally important. In order to really fully understand what sleep apnea is all about and if it is effecting you, it’s crucial to determine what’s going on within you.

The people who generally suffer from sleep apnea may not even recognize it. They may wake up feeling unrested or have other symptoms that they don’t necessarily associate with this sleep disorder. So what should somebody be on the lookout for in terms of sleep apnea symptoms? It’s important to understand this so that proper advice and treatment can be provided.

Snoring Is Often Not The Fault of the Individual Suffering

What is so misunderstood about this particular sleep disorder is that the person who is suffering from the most common symptom can somehow control it. When you think of common sleep apnea symptoms the most common is of course snoring. This is usually beyond the control of the person who is suffering from it. This can be a very intense snoring each night or in some cases may be more minor, but the presence is almost always there.

The person who snores in this instance is having a hard time breathing or may even stop breathing during their sleep and thus the snoring comes about. Many close to an individual with sleep apnea don’t recognize this as a symptom, but rather look at it as a nuisance. If the individual wakes up feeling that they did not get a good night of rest then this can serve as another indication. For those who suffer from this disorder they may actually be waking several times each night when their breathing temporarily stops.

Another of the less common or lesser known sleep apnea symptoms includes a dry throat or cough in the morning. This is due to the mouth being open and the person snoring and waking constantly. If in doubt then it’s always best to seek out help through a doctor or even a sleep clinic. To be sure that it is in fact sleep apnea it may be wise to do a sleep study to determine what is happening during the sleep cycle. There is surgery available or it may be as simple as a breathing treatment or machine to use each night. Sleep apnea can be very frustrating, but with the right advice and help it can be quite treatable as well.

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