The Most Dangerous Sleep Aids to Avoid


sleep aids to avoid

Life is not always easy or pleasant. There are times when things do not go your way. In fact most of the time, things tend to go every which way other than the way you want. Stress is the number one factor behind most disorders.

Stress also causes insomnia and depression. For people suffering from depression, insomnia can be one of the most uncomfortable health problems to face. They want escape through a restful night’s sleep and they end up tossing and turning. Loss of sleep can never be pleasant, whatever the cause may be.

In the end, people suffering from sleep problems are forced to resort to over-the-counter sleep aids to get a good night’s sleep. The sleep that results from using these sleeping aids is never peaceful but at least it allows a few hours’ escape and rest. The consequences of using a sleep aid every once in a while are next to none. However, when this use becomes frequent and one cannot fall asleep without sleep aids, that is when the situation gets dangerous.

Frequent or constant use of sleep aids is dangerous and people do not understand that the psychological pain of sleepless nights is not worse than the physical health problems they can develop due to frequent use of sleeping aids. These sleeping tablets not only cause a number of side effects but they can also become addictive and as a result sleeping without medication will soon be out of the question. At its worse, sleeping tablets can act as anesthesia which can prove dangerous in emergency situations, such as escaping from a burning house or fleeing a natural disaster, and so on.

Sleeping disorders caused as a result of stress are a serious problem and as a result using sleep aids to escape facing the situation is not a real solution. When people who face depression are forced to face the world during the day and sleep into an almost hypnotic sleep caused by sleep aid in the night, they long for the escape even during the day. This can cause them to get suicidal and look for ways to escape real life. This may even cause them to overdose of sleeping aids, resulting in death.

The negative side effects of sleep aids are many and there are few pros to using them. People facing insomnia or sleeping disorders should consult doctors and try to find the root cause of their sleeping disorder instead of using medicine as the solution, which is nothing but a temporary escape. There are alternative therapies that can help a person sleep better and combat sleeping disorders. These include tapping or EFT as well as stress release massages that target specific pressure points that help induce sleep naturally.

It is always wiser to look for natural solutions to problems instead of opting for over-the-counter drugs that do nothing other than delay the problem and give a temporary sense of artificial relief.

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