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Restless leg syndrome help is out there for those who suffer from this annoying sensation that robs sleep and changes lives. Restless leg syndrome or RLS as we may refer to it here—is the sensation that your legs want to move on their own and sometimes will. We will touch on the symptoms and treatments here.

Facts about who has RLS:

This is a syndrome that is hard to diagnose simply because these are “ghost” symptoms that may appear or disappear at different times. If you are anemic, pregnant or have rheumatoid arthritis you may have symptoms that are worse. But it is not limited to those with these or any other condition.

Signs you may have restless leg syndrome:

The best thing to do in this case is to make sure you recognize symptoms so you can get a physical. The only odd thing about seeking restless leg syndrome help is that the symptoms are worse at night and less apparent in the physician’s office. This can be baffling to the sufferer but most physicians have been exposed to this frequently. So, just writing down symptoms when you get them will tell the physicians what it is so they can recommend treatment.

So, what are the signs to look for?

  • Pulling, crawly or tickly sensations that create a need to move your legs. This is a symptom you must have in order to have RLS.
  • Symptoms occur every few minutes making it hard to fall asleep.
  • Symptoms get markedly better when you move your legs. They may not subside entirely for hours or remain, for the most part but—they will get better.
  • The more you are still, the worse it may get.
  • Symptoms are worse when lying down or in the evening.

Restless leg symptom help:

There are a few ways to relieve the symptoms and also some self-help you can engage in.

  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Get regular sleep on a schedule even if you have issues
  • Take supplements that include magnesium, calcium and iron
  • Avoid alcohol, tobacco and caffeine
  • Exercise and stretch as in yoga regularly
  • Get a physical to rule out disorders which cause RLS

For the most part, it is a syndrome that is hereditary but not exclusively so. Pregnancy and anemia are factors too so a physical is essential in receiving proper restless leg syndrome help.

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