How to Get Rid of Tired Eyes Fast


how to get rid of tired eyes

It’s a staple of modern life, but we are all trying to get rid of tired eyes. From the advent of computers to all the technology we have out there–we have tired eye syndrome which brings on dark circles and bags under the eyes. The good news is there are really good, inexpensive ways to get rid of tired eyes and we will explore that here.

What causes tired eyes?

Tired eyes come about in a lot of ways. The first and foremost may surprise you. There are two actual reasons that are the most prominent. One that is obvious and one that is not so obvious. The first and most obvious reason is lack of proper sleep. The second and not so obvious reason is dehydration.

Not getting proper sleep will tax the skin and muscle around the eyes. It is a more challenging fix when you are tired and your schedule is crazy. When you have kids and a job it’s hard to get quality sleep. But if you can do at least a 20 minute “beauty rest” or nap as often as possible in a week.
There are products that are very good for this like the Fructese roller ball. Yes Garnier Laboratories that make the shampoo has developed this bit of technology as well as several makeup companies. Carry it with you and roll it on below the eye.
The second concern is dehydration. Without proper hydration, you will have saggy skin and tired eyes. Drinking 8 glasses of water is old school however, you will need at least maybe 4 small bottles a day to keep the skin hydrated and elastic.

Other ways to get rid of tired eyes fast:

The natural way to do it would be two good ways and it’s all in your pantry. If not, they are all inexpensive. You can actually place two chilly slices of cucumber on your eyes. They will refresh and tighten the puffy skin under the eyes. The second choice is some steeped, cooled and well drained black or green tea bags. They both work as well because they are natural anti inflammatories. You can also do some great superfoods that will act as powerful anti inflammatories from the inside out. Acai berry or ginger maybe. There are tons you can research online.

Getting rid of tired eyes fast is a combination of the things we mentioned. When you have a healthy body inside and you treat yourself well, you’ll have great skin and eyes that sparkle and aren’t tired.

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