How to Quickly Fall Asleep When You’re Feeling Restless in Bed


Stop Feeling Restless in Bed


When you’re feeling restless in bed it can feel as though it is completely impossible to fall asleep. At the same time, it can feel as though nothing you do will make the restlessness go away.

Insomnia can be frustrating and even scary. It starts off with feeling restless in bed and moves on to the point that it feels like it will never end. You can feel trapped inside your own spinning thoughts and no matter how tired you may be, nothing will shut off – not your body or your mind.

In fact, the more tired you are at bedtime, the more you may end up feeling restless in bed and unable to sleep. To overcome this feeling, you need to have the right strategy in place. This will help you to achieve a sense of restfulness so you can ease yourself to sleep much more quickly from now on:

Bathe at bedtime

This can take the form of a bath or a shower. Have a relaxing and warm experience with products that contain soothing natural scents such as lavender. End the experience with a thirty second rinse in cold water. While that may sound too refreshing to be calming, in truth, it brings down your body temperature, which can help you to sleep better. You’ll enjoy the relaxation of the bathing and then set your temperature to where it should be.

Keep your bedding clean

Change your sheets on a regular basis. The feeling of fresh sheets along with being clean after your bath or shower can be a very relaxing one.


If you’re experienced at meditation, go for it. If you’re not, try a guided bedtime meditation and listen to the instructions. Many people find that they’re asleep before the session is complete.

Get up

If you’re unable to fall asleep and you find yourself becoming restless, get up. Stop being hard on yourself. Just acknowledge that you’re not restful yet, get up, pace around a few times without turning any bright lights on, do a bit of very gentle stretching and breathing and then try again.

Use a four-letter word

This isn’t what you think. There is a restfulness technique currently gaining in popularity where you choose a four letter word, such as “bird”, in which no letters in the spelling repeat themselves. Then, go through each letter of the word and list as many other words that start with that same letter as you can. For example, the first letter of the word “bird” is “b.” So your list may be “ball, ballerina, basket, buffet, bristle, bark,” and so on. Many people fall asleep before finishing the first word.

Try a sleep supplement

An all natural supplement like Somnaprin can often take off the edge from restlessness so you can calmly and naturally fall asleep.

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