Enjoy Peaceful Sleep at Night and No Sluggish Mornings


tips to enjoy peaceful sleep

Most Americans and those in the western world have a hard time with sleep. Here we will discuss why and what to do about it. There are many reasons and many remedies—however if you are not aware of what they are—you won’t have a defense against it. Learning how to enjoy peaceful sleep is essential.

What causes sleepless nights and a sluggish awakening?

Most of us will wake several times in the night and then by the time we hit REM or rapid eye movement—dream sleep—it is time to get jolted out of our sleep by an alarm clock. Feeling sluggish—we hit the snooze button again and again hoping to awaken more refreshed with that one more minute, and well—it rarely works. This is because there are several stages of sleep some of us don’t reach. Or, if we do—we don’t get to stay there that long. So when we roll back over—we are worse off than we would have been if we just dragged ourselves out of the bed on the first alarm.

What causes bad sleep?

The answer to this question is as individual as the person who is suffering with less than restorative sleep. But here are some of the reasons that are quite common and what to do about them to enjoy peaceful sleep at night.

Sleep apnea: This is a condition that may be caused by two things. One, obesity and two central nervous system issues. Both of these issues need a doctor and a possible prescription.While you are receiving treatment from a sleep lab, be sure to give them all the details about your sleeping problems so you get the right help.

Technology: We are gravely over stimulated by our technology. We are not allowing our brains to shut down and produce melatonin which is the sleep hormone we need to actually get nice and knocked out. The thing to do here is to turn off the stimuli at least an hour to two hours before bedtime and make sure you are in a dark room. Even light under a doorway can cause issues.

Busy thoughts: Give yourself a time during the day to think. Then shut it down at night. You can’t solve an issue until morning.

Natural Sleep Aids: If it is bad enough take a safe and gentle pill like Somnaprin. Not all sleep aids are addictive—this one is not.

When you target the cause of your sleeping problems, sluggishness can be banished as you enjoy peaceful sleep each and every night.

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