The Devastating Effects of Constantly Waking Up at Night


effects of constantly waking up at night

Do you find yourself constantly waking up at night, making it impossible to get a good night’s sleep? Are you finding it difficult to fall asleep in the first place, only to toss and turn once you finally do drift off? Or do you fall asleep quickly but wake up again and again? All of this could have devastating effects on your body and health. Keep reading to learn more so you can finally take control and achieve a better sleep-wake cycle.

The Effects of Constantly Waking Up at Night Include:

Your Memory Suffers

When your body does not experience continuous sleep, it makes it a lot harder for your brain to make memories and learn new skills. Even the things that you already learned the day before a poor night’s sleep will be difficult to retain. This is because the brain requires a good amount of sleep in order to really commit what was learned to memory. The key is to get as much uninterrupted sleep as possible.

In addition to your memory suffering, harmful proteins, which are known as amyloid proteins, can’t be removed from the brain if you do not get a full night of sleep. This increases your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, so this is one of the most serious effects of constantly waking up at night.

Your Mood Takes a Turn for the Worse

It should come as no surprise that another effect of failing to get enough sleep is becoming moody. So in addition to affecting your physical health, your emotional state can also suffer when you wake up throughout the night. You will end up feeling cranky during the day, and you will also be more likely to develop depression. So if you find yourself feeling down or angry, it could be caused by your lack of sleep.

Your Cognitive Ability Decreases

On top of your memory taking a hit, your overall cognitive ability will also slow down when you do not sleep straight through the night. How quickly you can think and how sharp your focus can be are both adversely affected when you do not sleep continuously. In fact, the effects are just as bad as barely sleeping at all.

If you have been constantly waking up at night, consider talking to your doctor to see if a medical condition is causing your sleeplessness. You can also consider taking an over-the-counter sleep aid like Somnaprin to see if you can get your sleep schedule on track without a prescription.

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