Surprising Cause of Sleeplessness Revealed


surprising cause of sleeplessness

If you are having trouble at night you might be shocked at this surprising cause of sleeplessness. We’ve heard for years that we need to be in a room free of distractions before we try to fall asleep each night.

You may have never really understood why that was, but now some light is being shed on it. If you are having trouble winding down or just can’t get a good restful night of sleep, then it may have to do with your activities before bed. If you can’t shut down no matter how hard you try, then the answer may lie in something very unexpected.

One of the most surprising causes of sleeplessness has much to do with the devices that you are using before bed each night. The light from devices such as an iPad, a Kindle, or any type of tablet or laptop can be very distracting. Not only that, but it could be keeping you up each night because this light prevents the production of melatonin before bed. What you may not know is that melatonin is a hormone within the body that is necessary for a restful night of sleep each night.

Background Distractions Can Cause Many Problems

Add to this the fact that your stress is more than likely up when you are working or playing on such a device each night and it’s no wonder that so many of us have interrupted sleep. Using your iPad or Kindle or any type of device means that you are focusing and probably in some sort of stress right before you’re about to try and sleep. So you are going into your sleep cycle with stress present and this will not allow you to shut off your brain and just relax and get into each of the various cycles of sleep that you need.

So with this surprising cause of sleeplessness, it’s imperative to recognize that you need to be in the right environment. Many experts will tell you that you shouldn’t even have a TV on in your bedroom as that same sort of light and background distraction can keep you from getting an ample supply of melatonin. You want the room to be cool, you want to feel relaxed, you want a dim light initially, and then you want to feel that you are in a safe environment ready to nod off and stay asleep.

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