The Top Reasons Why You Can’t Sleep Through the Night


reasons you can't sleep through the night

Many people have trouble falling asleep at night. This is a problem that can be due to a number of reasons. Unfortunately, people do not attempt to understand why they can’t sleep through the night. Instead, they resort to artificial means of inducing sleep.

These artificial means include over-the-counter medicines and sometimes illegal drugs. Some people do not realize that inducing sleep using these artificial means eventually causes problems for the body. Some over-the-counter medicines for sleep have addictive properties. If you start taking them and get hooked, you won’t be able to sleep without them.

The truth is that you can easily sleep without having to attempt any alternate means. You will need to alter your lifestyle, but you should be able to sleep naturally on time. The trick is to identify the reason why you are not able to sleep. Let’s look at the most likely reasons why you can’t sleep through the night:

Temperature of Room

There are many times when the only reason you can’t sleep is the temperature of the room. The body requires a certain temperature range to fall asleep. If that temperature range is higher or lower, you will not be able to sleep comfortably. You may go to sleep, but you will wake up and won’t get proper rest.

Ambiance of Room

The ambiance of the room contributes significantly toward putting you to sleep. If you have a night lamp or a clock that makes sounds during the night, this may be the reason you can’t sleep. You may not realize this, but the slightest disturbances have a huge impact on your sleep. You will remain restless throughout the night, which means you won’t be able to function properly during the day.

Caffeine Before Bedtime

Many people have a habit of consuming excessive caffeine throughout the day. The effect of caffeine remains in your system at night as well. If you like to drink a little too much coffee, that might be the reason you can’t sleep through the night. In addition, you should avoid any stimulant drinks or medicines. Many people are careless enough to consume energy drinks, which disrupts their sleep.

Electronic Devices

Books have been replaced by eReaders nowadays. This is why, when people read a book before bed, they read one on their eReader or smartphone. However, the bright light from the screen of the device affects sleep. You are more likely to remain awake while reading or working on these devices.
Now that you know the reasons you can’t sleep through the night, you can work toward rectifying them.

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