Can You Actually Get Too Much Sleep?


too much sleep and health

When you live a very busy lifestyle, the thought that it could be possible to get too much sleep sounds downright silly. After all, when it comes to being able to get some rest, it can feel as though more is definitely better. While it is true that sleeping well is vital to overall health, oversleeping has actually been linked to a number of different medical problems including heart disease, diabetes and an overall high risk of premature death.

Scientists have found that there are a large number of other factors that can have to do with getting too much sleep and they may also contribute to physical and mental health issues.

Among them, two that have the greatest impact on oversleeping are socioeconomic status and depression. Those could help to explain why sleeping too much can be damaging to your health. For instance, people whose socioeconomic status is lower may not have as much access to regular quality health care support and may therefore end up with various health conditions that remain undiagnosed or untreated, such as heart disease, which can lead a person to feel tired and cause oversleeping to occur.

So how much sleep is too much sleep? The amount you actually need is based on a large number of factors. Moreover, that amount will change from one time in your life to the next. Some of the factors that decide how much sleep you will need include your age, your overall health, your lifestyle habits and your activity level. For example, when you’re sick or going through a time of stress, you will likely need to sleep more than usual.

Still, even if you share all the typical factors with someone else, it doesn’t mean you’ll need the same amount of sleep as that other person. Overall though, you’ll likely fall within a certain range. Currently, medical experts will usually recommend that adults sleep for anywhere from seven to nine hours per night.

This shows that it isn’t just unhealthy to get too little sleep. It can also be hard on your body and mental health if you oversleep, too.

If you’re struggling on the other end of the spectrum and need to increase your resting hours to make sure you get enough sleep every night, then you might want to consider a gentle and effective supplement such as Somnaprin to help you to fall asleep, stay sleeping and wake the next day feeling rested.

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