How to Stop Thinking at Bedtime So That You Can Get Some Sleep


,stop thinking at bedtime

Do you have trouble clearing your mind before bedtime? Many times when people have had a busy day they have a hard time falling asleep at night. That problem usually stems from too much thinking at bedtime. So how do you stop thinking at bedtime so that you can get some sleep?

It helps many people to take an hour before bed to reflect on the day. This is when it’s also helpful to Journal, spend a while before sleeping going over the days events in your mind. Reflect on things you did or did not do, what could have been done better? What mistakes did you make, what did you say? Empty your mind of unresolved thoughts, plans, wishes, or feelings.

If you aren’t much of a journaling person you may consider making lists before bed. Many people find it gratifying and relaxing to reflect on the day and think about the things they are grateful for. Some people choose to list five things they are grateful for others choose to, it really doesn’t matter as long as you list the things that you are most grateful for. Additionally it might be helpful to make some sort of to do list or things that have to be dealt with the next day list. Keeping a master to do list in your day-to-day life will also help you be more productive, rest and relax at the end of the night, and allow you to remember the things that are really important.

Some people find meditation or visualization techniques helpful before bed. While in a relaxing and resting position think of being in a pleasant green park, resting under a shady tree, and looking up at the sky. You can also picture relaxing things such as waterfalls, lakes and rivers, or rainforests. Using visualization before bed will help put you in a restful state, and will also help you have a pleasant sleeping experience. Many people find meditation not only relaxing before bed, but also it helps them in their daily life as well. Meditation reduces stress, helps manage anger, and gives one the overall sense of well-being.

So whatever it is that keeps you up at night just writing it down and dealing with it in the morning may make all the difference in the world to your sleep at night. Meditation and visualization techniques are both helpful for your daily life as well as your sleep. Those techniques have been proven to reduce stress. A reduction in stress will allow you to sleep better at night as well. That is how you stop thinking at bedtime so you can get start getting better sleep.

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