Turn Your Bath Into a Soothing Bedtime Soak with These Essential Oils


soothing bedtime soak oils

There are a variety of uses for relaxing essential oils, but did you know that you could put some essential oils into your bath so that you can create a soothing bedtime soak that will help ease your mind and get you ready for bed? Check out some of the best essential oils for your nighttime bath below.


When it comes to relaxing essential oils and fragrances, most people immediately think of lavender, and for good reason. This is a calming scent that could help lighten your mood and ease pains like headaches. Simply add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath and soak in the warm water until you feel fantastic.


Another great essential oil for your nighttime bath is rose essential oil. This is a great fragrance for anyone who is under a great deal of stress. Whenever you are using pure rose oil, you will not need to use a lot to get the benefits. And while this soothing fragrance will help to reduce your stress on its own, you could make your bath an even more soothing experience by adding in a few drops of ylang ylang and jasmine essential oils as well. Perfect for anyone who loves floral fragrances!


If you want a super relaxing experience, add some Roman chamomile essential oil to your bedtime bath. This fragrance will help you calm down and prepare you for sleep, and it could also help soothe your troubled mind. While you are soaking in your bath, you could also enjoy a cup of warm chamomile tea to double the effects. Or you could add the contents of two chamomile tea bags to your bath as well. With this recipe, you will be sure to fall into a deeply relaxed state.


Yet another option to relax your mind and body during a warm nighttime bath is sandalwood essential oil. This rich fragrance will help reduce your anxiety, so go ahead and breathe it in deeply. Plus, it is great for those suffering with insomnia, and it can be used to enhance a meditation practice.

Once you get used to taking a soothing bath at night with the essential oils above, you might find it difficult to go back to your old routine. If this strategy does not work to help relax your body and mind and prepare you for sleep, though, consider taking an over-the-counter sleep aid to get a restful night’s sleep.

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