Sleep Meditations for a Peaceful Night’s Rest


improve your sleep with sleep meditations

Sleep is not easy to get these days what with all the stress and being “on” all day. When we get home from a commute it’s hardly time to relax. Sometimes our brains just want to relax and “turn-off” though that never really happens—we can benefit greatly by quiet meditative time. It is best to have a sit down with family and let them know that you intend to devote some “you” time at least a few days a week so you can maintain a peaceful night’s rest.

Understanding what meditation is so it can be used properly

For most, meditation is something highly-elevated spiritual people like monks do. This is simply not true. The other myth is that you need intense training to do it properly and that is also not true. The next myth is that it will interfere with our individual religious belief systems and that is also not true. So what’s meditation anyway? All meditation means is sitting in the “now”. This is the best practice you can develop. When done with being in the “now” in mind, you can achieve a peaceful night’s rest because your brainwaves will slow to the delta state it should be in to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

You don’t need special training but you do need a little practice.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to being in the now and the best thing to use to keep you there is a “mantra”. What is a mantra? It is like the word Ohm that monks do use but so does normal everyday people who want to achieve peace. You can choose any word or phrase or even a noise to keep you there. The trick is to stay concentrated on the word, phrase or noise. You see, mantras were made simply because it is hard for people to keep their thoughts from straying.

Sleep meditations for beginners

  • Lay on your back in a cool room
  • Inhale through your nose until you can’t fill the lungs anymore
  • Hold the breath for a slow count of three (or more if you can)
  • Push the breath out through the mouth with the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth
  • Do this five times
  • Begin the mantra of your choice
  • After two weeks, barring any medical issues—sleep should come easily

Sleep meditations are great for a peaceful night’s rest. The above sleep meditations can help anyone even if they have never tried meditating before.

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