7 Health and Wellness Reasons to Get Your Sleep


reasons to get your sleep

You already know that you need to get enough sleep every night, but do you really know the reasons why sleep is so important? Continue reading to learn about seven health and wellness reasons to get your beauty sleep each and every night.

Memory Is Improved

If you have been having trouble recalling important things, you might not be getting enough sleep. That’s because sleep helps you retain old ideas and produce new ones. Plus, sleep could trigger various changes within the brain that could serve to make your memory stronger.

Mood Benefits

Experts have determined that being sleep deprived makes you more susceptible to having a bad mood during the day. If you only get less than 5 hours of sleep per night, you might find yourself feeling sad, angry, and stressed. But if you could get more sleep every night by aiming for at least 8 hours, you might notice that you are in a much better mood by day.

Weight Loss Benefits

Did you know that you could make your weight loss journey easier on yourself by getting plenty of rest and sleep? Your body continues burning calories even while you are asleep, but experts have also found that sleeping at least 8.5 hours each night could help you lose more fat than if you got less sleep.

Skin Benefits

If you want glowing skin and skin that appears more youthful, get your beauty sleep. This time of rest will help your body produce collagen that could reduce wrinkles and sagging. And getting more sleep means that your eyes won’t be as puffy and you could reduce those dark circles under your eyes too.

Less Inflammation

Inflammation throughout the body could lead to a host of health problems. Failing to get enough sleep could actually cause inflammation to become worse, while getting more sleep may help to reduce inflammation and pain.

More Patience

Failing to get enough rest could make you feel tired, irritable, and really stressed. This ultimately leads to a lack of patience with the people around you. But when you are well rested, you are ready to take on the day and its challenges with greater calm.

Efficiency Goes Up

Getting enough hours of sleep could help kids perform better in school and adults perform better in the workplace. During sleep, your body and mind are able to rest and rejuvenate themselves. Your mood and memory could be improved and you could feel better physically. Because you are more alert and refreshed, you can work smarter and get things done in a more efficient manner with fewer mistakes.

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