Is the Hacienda Del Carmen Spa Insomnia Treatment All You Need?


Mexican Spa Insomnia Treatment

Have you ever considered making a spa insomnia treatment a central reason you choose a travel destination? If you struggle to sleep, find it hard to rest when you’re away from home, or suffer greatly from jet lag when you travel, this option might appeal.

Sure, most people want to choose a destination based on various sites or activities, but with the Hacienda Del Carmen Spa’s insomnia treatment, there’s no reason you can’t have both. The reason is that this hotel and spa is not only luxurious and situated in a carefully restored historical building – with each guest room decorated using antique furniture adapted to today’s comforts – but it is also surrounded by gorgeous natural scenery. The panoramic views of the Ameca and Tequila volcanoes are enough to make this a top vacation destination.

Spa Insomnia Treatment

The insomnia treatment at Hacienda El Carmen is typically recommended for the afternoon. It can be enjoyed following other spa treatments earlier in the day, if you are hoping to enjoy more of the spa services. It is ideal before heading to dinner or just going to bed.

This insomnia treatment is a combination of a relaxing atmosphere, specific treatments, and the healing power of nature. It is designed to encourage total relaxation and to promote restfulness and, therefore, sleep. In this way, it can not only recharge you after having struggled with sleep, but it can also prepare you for better sleep that night.

Insomnia Treatment Stages

Enjoy these stages a la carte, or book the entire treatment that include all the insomnia treatment stages.

  • Fifty Minute Herbal Wrap – The treatment starts with a whole body circulation stimulation in order to prime your skin to absorb a seven-ingredient natural infusion.
  • Thirty Minute Relaxing Soak – Sink into a deep soaker tub of warm water infused with aromatic oils and lemon balm. While you soak, sip fresh chlorophyll water or a fresh natural citrus beverage to rehydrate.
  • Fifty Minute Relaxing Massage – Enjoy a deeply relaxing massage featuring revitalizing apple and cinnamon oils. Following the massage, your therapist will prepare a honey-sweetened orange blossom tea for you.

After that, it’s up to you whether you want to head out for a calm dinner, feeling soothed, or whether you’d like to head to bed for one of the most comfortable sleeps of your life. You’ll be ready to get the most out of your experience during your stay in a Mexico beach villa.

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