New Fitbit Sleep Schedule Tools Now Available for Users


Fitbit Sleep Schedule tool

The new Fitbit Sleep Schedule has now been released among the tools available to users of the top fitness tracker devices in the world. The undisputed leader in health and fitness wearable technology has launched a simple and powerful sleep toolkit. The goal is to help the millions of users worldwide to boost their overall health through more consistent sleep.

The Fitbit Sleep Schedule was created in response to the number of people whose sleep is inadequate despite its importance. Obtaining the rest you need is vital to overall health and wellbeing. It also reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. It enhances mental health, increases neuro-cognitive functions and contributes to longevity.

Now, the app for the wearable devices includes the Fitbit Sleep Schedule which is compatible for all devices from the company and that have a sleep tracking function. It works by guiding the user toward a more consistent rest pattern through:

  • Customized sleep goals. These are based on the data the user provided in order to help to achieve the optimal quantity of rest each night.
  • Personalized targets. These are provided for both bedtime and waking in order to boost consistency.
  • Reminders. These are designed to help a user to remain on schedule. They also include a sleep schedule history to track the progress.

The new set of tools for tracking and improving rest are the first to have been launched as a result of the collaboration among the panel of leading sleep experts. Fitbit’s panel includes Dr. Allison Siebern from Stanford University, Dr. Michael Grandner from the University of Arizona, and Dr. Michael Smith from Johns Hopkins University.

The Fitbit app is a central component of the overall platform for these trackers. Other features include the devices themselves, other apps, as well as motivational and social features. The service also provides personalized coaching and general advice. These options are all continually updated and improved. The goal is to make them smarter in order to serve the device users better, making reaching their goals a more effortless process.

Despite the fact that it is used primarily as a pedometer and fitness tracker, it has expanded its monitoring and features to overall health and wellness, taking in a range of different purposes from eating to sleeping.

To improve sleep outcomes even further, combine the use of a Fitbit device with a high quality sleep aid such as Somnaprin.

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