The Top 5 Natural Sleep Aids


Effective Natural sleep aids

Although it might be nice if sleeping were optional at times, that doesn’t happen to be the case. When insomnia strikes, it can hold us back from being able to remain alert and do the things that need to get done in our lives. This helps to explain the popularity of natural sleep aids.

That said, while it may be very easy to obtain natural sleep aids, what isn’t as simple is deciding which ones are best for your specific needs and health. The first step you should take in this pursuit is to visit your doctor. That will help you to be able to find out exactly what is behind your sleeplessness – especially if it lasts longer than a handful of nights at a time.

Once you know why you aren’t getting any rest and you’ve discussed some options for natural sleep aids with your doctor, the odds are that you will be led in the direction of the following top five supplement ingredients. While some people can get by on taking one of these options as a stand-alone, others find that it’s more effective to find a formula that combines them all in a safe and effective balance.

These top 5 sleep supplement ingredients include:

Phenibut – this is used very commonly for promoting both sleep and relaxation. It is a type of aminobutyric acid that was first created for astronauts in order to help them to ease the stress they could feel from living in cramped quarters up in space for a length of time. Soon, the rest of the world also wanted to benefit from the benefits it offered in terms of aiding with restful sleep.

Theanine – this is an amino acid that occurs naturally and that can be found in foods and drinks such as green tea. It is well known for its anti-anxiety properties and has been widely researched for its benefits in promoting relaxation. For people being kept awake by stress and an overactive mind, that type of benefit is invaluable.

Magnesium citrate – this substance is a critical part of the functioning of the GABA receptors throughout the brain and central nervous system (CNS). GABA is a form of neurotransmitter that is responsible for telling the brain to “shut down” so you can relax and sleep. When it is not properly transmitted, an overactive mind and insomnia can result.

5-HTP – this is a chemical made by the body after having L-tryptophan, that substance that makes you feel sleepy after you’ve had a huge turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. It works because the body then turns 5-HTP into serotonin, which can help you to counteract feelings of depression and fall asleep more quickly.

Melatonin – this is one of the best known sleep supplement ingredients as it is the hormone linked to the body’s waking and sleeping cycle, also known as the “circadian rhythms”. Many people who are deficient in this hormone struggle to sleep properly so replacing it is believed to help to rebuild the natural ability to fall asleep and wake at the right times.

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